My Communicator is an Assistive and Augmentative Communications app, written using the Titanium Mobile SDK and monetized through user subscriptions.

My Communicator is unique in the AAC app market in offering its users the option to pay a monthly fee to store their recordings, images and layouts in the cloud, powered by Appcelerator Cloud Services.

My Communicator allows users with speech pathology issues to communicate with care givers, educators, and peers. Caregivers can record audio via the device microphone and associate them with switches (buttons). Users then use the switches to communicate or make choices.

My Communicator runs on the Apple iPad and on Android Tablets.

My Communicator will be priced below its competitors, offering an affordable AAC options for parents of children with special needs.

While My Communicator was designed with children in mind, the same functionality may apply to adults who have lost speech function due to strokes or head injuries but are physically functional.

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