Have you ever been waiting to follow a particular routine diet plan during say short-planned workouts, or long-workouts or even during daily basis. All the experts suggest you take in some specific amount of nutrients, calories,etc.. But most of the diets would need you to give up your favourite food items or may need to do a lot of research and googling to find out food you can intake based on restriction. This can be absolute waste of time and have happend a lot with me. Sometimes we may end up being confused and give up diet plans. So to overcome this and make our diet lives easy we have introduced My Cheat Day.

What it does

My Cheat Day is aimed to make your everyday diet a cheat day by allowing you to get your favourite food recipes and health info about it without compromising on the restrictions user has in mind. This helps not only people who follow some diet but also people who go out for work, stay in some motel and want to have their diets prioritised without compromising favourite food. In spite of this we help users by getting them detailed info about food, ingredients, calorie intakes, health labels, diets it follows, etc.. People may be busy with work and dont have the option to make their favourite food can just use the restaurants option to get details of all nearby restaurants offering the favourite food and they can take a decision accordingly.

How I built it

I used React js for the complete purpose. I used Edamame API for food related info and Zomato api for restaurant info. I uploaded the website to Heroku and then used to host website there.

Challenges I ran into

This is my first react project and i had only started to learn react from last 3 days. So dealing with components, API calls,etc.. were headache first but now learnt how to accomplish them. Had bit problem with Heroku deployment but mentors helped with the task and could complete with ease.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a react js project completely for first time is something im feeling great. Now it makes me more interested to learn more about it. Understanding deployment of js applications to website.

What I learned

How to code in React by using its features like component,fetch,etc.. How to use api calls in js Learnt about curl,fetch,axios and api providers like rapid api, etc.. How to use Edamame api and zomato api to build interactive applications.

What's next for My Cheat Day

Next i am planning to make it personalised so user can login and make diet plans. So he/she can refer to it any time. I also plan to make it into mobile version using react-native. Planning to learn that soon.

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