When preparing for trips, I often leave packing for the last minute and have to scramble around the house to find everything I need. It's can be a stressful and very inefficient process, and I aim to eliminate this issue with Baggage.

What it does

Baggage has the functionality of a regular calendar but also presents users with the weather for their trip destinations and allows them to add custom packing lists to their trips.

How I Built It

I used swift, sketch coredata. I had to use a few APIs to grab information about weather and location as well.

Challenges I Faced

I'm still facing the problem of saving an array to coredata. I'm trying to save the packing lists and I am still working to do so.

What I learned

I learned a lot about core data's capabilities and delved into a few APIs I had never used before. I also realized what I am capable of, and I am more confident in my abilities.

What's next

Saving lists into coredata, editing events, presenting weather information

Built With

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