• currently no app on the market that promotes financial learning from an educational standpoint
  • catered to generation Z

What it does

  • keeps track of weekly, monthly and annual spendings without directly impacting bank account
  • allows goal creation and implements a reward system for attaining them
  • breaks down budget into categories and enables visualization of spending habits

How we built it

  • wireframe and interactive user experience demo via Marvel App
  • website creation using

Challenges we ran into

  • conducting market research in a short period of time
  • figuring out how to create app demo

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • visually appealing and functional app prototype that is user friendly
  • clear and concise presentation materials

What we learned

  • key components of a student-catered budgeting app
  • how to approach market sizing techniques

What's next for My BudgeTing

  • finding partners
  • build on app creation and have a working iOS/Android app
  • continuing market analysis and develop app accordingly before production
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