Inspiration I was inspired by Cartana and when I realized the school had a computer programming class, I decided to talk the opportunity to make my own AI. "With Bullying being a major issue and concern, many times students/kids shy away from making friends. "Mo is a buddy you don't have to impress to be your Friend" I made her because making friends can be hard and I made Mo to help you live and feel safe in school and other uncomfortable settings.

What it does "Mo was designed to serve as a buddy for children ages 10 and above, but she has become more than just a companion." She can be a resource for many environments like school, hospitals and wherever kids gather. She can be used in a one-on-one fashion or with a few children at the same time. Mo teaches you how to speak Spanish and she can communicate as a translator for you with friends who speak Spanish. She has a drawing component to help you relax and keep you from getting into trouble in school if you finish assignments early or you may be bored. She also let's you take pictures with her and she has internet access and a good personality.

How I built it I build Mo using MIT AppInventor2. At first learning how to code was a little hard because my team was not as serious and committed as I was. But once I was able to understand the components and how to code her, I explored and experimented with several components and learned how they worked. Designing Mo was not really challenging because, I understand what it is to be seen as different and the hardships of making new friends. It was adding the code at first but then like I was encouraged, to not be give up and Ms. McCollough would offer ideas when I was stuck. She further encouraged me to improve Mo and not look at code as a "right or wrong" but "it works or it does not work."

Challenges I ran into was the lack of group participation and taking the project seriously. Also the class was for two semesters which was not enough time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of making Mo work and having her in the Play Store so that others can meet her and interact with her. Also I really want to know how I can improve once people interact with her.

What I learned I learned how to code and how you put code together to make a new thing happen. I now enjoy coding as a hobby but may want to code in the future for employment.

What's next for My Buddy Mo I want to make her more able to talk back and ask questions. I'm thinking maybe to customize her to have more translations. For example instead of English as her first language customize it the companions first language and teach someone speak English.

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