Overview The purpose of this simple web application was to demonstrate using ChartJS charts to display visual data to the user in an engaging way. Instead of just using 3 charts to display data I wanted to take a step further and display different types of data using the ChartJS library.

Data Sources The data comes from a variety of places, the most important things in someones life is there career, health and network, so the career data comes from my own personal bank account, career, the health data comes from my entries, and the network data comes from my social networks.

Resources This application would not be possible without all of the great web technologies out today, here is a list of technologies used to create this web application:

AngularJS ChartJS Font-Awesome Yeoman Plunker Twitter Bootstrap

This application is still under development as time was a factor. For the charting I created a custom AngularJS ChartJS directive and plunkr. It is available here.


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