Since university, where I studied Marketing, I was curious about software development. A few years later I am working as a self-taught developer and I really think that I am passionate about software development. I've never build an IDLE game before, and I like the idea of incremental games. And with the upcoming launch of a Cryptocurrency from an alliance led by Facebook, I thought the theme of the game should be related to cryptocurrencies.

What it does

My Bitcoin Clicker is a Casual IDLE Game. When you start playing, you start from zero income. You have to click to get a virtual income. The more you click, the more coins you get. And the more coins you have, the more automation items and upgrades you can buy. For each item you have income every second. You get achievements for clicking, buying, and upgrading. The final goal of the game is to buy the last item on the list, The Inventor

How I built it

I build the game with React, Redux and plain JavaScript (ES6) and used CSS for styling. All assets can be used in this project, they are bought or are open source.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge in a Single-Page-Application is state management. React as my framework of choice helps me to structure the data flow in a specific direction and with Redux architecture I could make it even simpler with a single point of truth. Facebook instant games are designed for JS-libraries like Phaser.js for games, there was some tweaking needed to get it to work. :-)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made a fully working mobile game in my free time. So, when I look at the project, to get it done, is the biggest thing.

What I learned

I learned a lot in this project, besides non-developer-things per-sé like project management. The project and issue feature of github helped a lot with this. The biggest part in learning was timing of animations, formatting of huge numbers and game design.

What's next for My Bitcoin Clicker

It will be launched on Facebook Instant Games officially after a few internal tests and when the leader board is integrated and you have a social sharing function for your game score.

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