Overview: Family history information typically gets passed on from generation to generation in cardboard boxes and dusty books. A lot of information is also available electronically, but it's usually not very captivating to the casual investigator because it's difficult to visualize and relate personally to the information. We felt inspired to create a visualization tool to share with our family members that will engage them in family history. We wanted to make a tool that represented people's lineage and helped them answer the question: where are you from?

Target Audience: Our target audience is people who have signed into Family Search a few times but had a difficult time visualizing what the information means. We also view this as a huge opportunity to show youth how cool genealogy can be, by mapping birth places within their tree.

Key Features: As a development team new to genealogy and Family Search we are proud of the following:

  • Successfully integrating with Family Search API and sandbox -Developing a formula for calculating percentages of heritage based on 10 generations of birth places
  • Launching the project under 30 hours

Future Plans: We plan to integrate the following features upon approval of web application:

  • Add social share features
  • Drop down to select additional generations
  • Add additional visualization interfaces
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