"When people are connected, we can just do some great things." This one sentence once said by Mark Zuckerberg is what Facebook has been and is continually driving to achieve. Facebook has become a powerful source for people to band together to tackle a variety of topics, it has given us a platform to reconnect with old friends and maintain relations with current and new friends regardless of geographical location. However despite all the benefits and tools that Facebook makes available to us, Facebook is still subject to all the negativity that exists on the Internet. This is the main inspiration for our hack. We want our hack to help refocus the attention away from all the negativity that exists on Facebook and back to all the benefits of the community that exists on there.

What it does

We all have experienced times where we had promised to never do something again. Ever. And then we find ourselves in that exact same situation again at a later time. Or times where we had a realization that our current life style could definitely be better, so we promise to do better, but never actually change any behavior or successfully keep it.

For all these broken promises and unfulfilled goals, we present the app, My Bad Habit--a way for you to finally tackle all those changes you promised you would do, but never did.

In the app, you can make a pledge to do something like "Living a more active life". You can write a description about the pledge ("I will run, walk, or jog outside at least an hour a day"). Lastly, the most important part is to determine how you will show that you've held up your pledge daily ("At the end of each hour of activity, I will post a picture of an interesting landmark that I passed during my workout"). This pledge will then be posted on your Facebook wall. When you are ready to submit a proof, another post will be put on your Facebook wall. Your friends will see your activity and be able to help and encourage your attempt of completing your pledges.

How I built it

Using the Parse and Facebook APIs, we integrated Facebook into our Android app

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out the in and outs of the tools we decided to use was a challenge especially when some of the documentation were out of date.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're really proud of the fact that our app looks quite decent and it actually works. The Facebook integration once it was successfully is really satisfying.

What I learned

How to integrate Facebook into Android apps and better understanding of Android development

What's next for My Bad Habit

Fixing up the UI, make sure permissions are obtained correctly so we can eventually release it, submit to Facebook for review on our OpenGraph, add additional features that supplements the basic functionality, and release and find how we can make our app better by seeing how people interact with it.

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