Since Covid-19 has further devastated human beings, animals, nature and businesses, I thought its imperative for we human beings to keep exploring, preserving and supporting people, nature and sustainable businesses by taking Africa Safaris to cool off and learn about the preservation of the largest animals in the world and fresh water resources in the world before we all destroy it with our reckless exploitation of the world.

Africa is home to many of the world's most famous fauna in human culture such as lions‚ rhinos‚ cheetahs‚ giraffes‚ hippos, leopards, zebras‚ African elephants among many others. The Covid-19 pandemic and climate issues like drought, flood and high-temperatures has wiped out many of them.

Few Important Facts 99% of the world’s water sources are unfit for human consumption, leaving a paltry 1% to sustain over 7 billion people across the planet. Overall, Africa has about 9% of the world's fresh water resources and 16% of the world's population.

Africa’s Lake Tanganyika is the second deepest freshwater lake, and holds the second largest volume of fresh water in the world. It’s the longest lake, and extends across Burundi, Zambia, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It's impossible to deny — humans are destroying the natural environment at an unprecedented and alarming rate. Nearly 21,000 monitored populations of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians, encompassing almost 4,400 species around the world, have declined an average of 68% between 1970 and 2016, according to the World Wildlife Fund's Living Planet Report 2020. The number will increase dramatically from tragedies like the bush fires in California - USA, the recent Australia bush fires that killed or harmed three billion animals etc.

Without the Preservation of Nature - Human beings will perish


My first encounter with Alexa and How it can help preserve Humans & Nature So this Hackathon or Competition is my first encounter with Alexa. I believe that sensors, visuals, virtuality and voice are the future of human interaction and development, which is the reason I was so eager to participate in this competition.

The UNFORTUNATE FACT about AMAZON ALEXA in AFRICA Alexa is NOT AVAILABLE to 2 billion People in Africa. I can't even access the Alexa app on Google Play or App Store. I can't even order the Alexa devices from and have it shipped to Africa. Very unfortunate indeed.

The Fun encounter with Alexa and my first Skill During this competition I built my first Aexa Skill with the help of very insightful and skillful participants like @Dave and others. I built a quiz game around my passion on cloud computing -

My Ugly Encounter with Alexa Conversations I came into the competition with a lot excitement and motivation, built and publish my first skill (Cloud Computing Dummy) without Alexa Conversations. But that excitement was short lived with Alexa Conversations buggy nature and ugly attitude of displaying never-ending GENERIC ERROR messages that says absolutely nothing but breeds frustration and anxiety. You could almost see a shrink after Alexa Conversations was done messing with your mind.

My Heartbreak with Alexa Conversations After 5 days straight of less sleep and pounding the slack channels for help, I couldn't get my skill working because Alexa Conversations won't diagnose the problem and the guys (Alexa Team) did their best to help but to no avail, I'm sure they were also mentally brutalized by Alexa Conversations buggy nature.

Amazon Alexa - Part of the Future of Communication I believe that sensors, visuals, virtuality and voice are the future of human interaction and development, which is the reason Amazon Alexa and other technologies like it will greatly enhance communication in the near future.

Finished my Alexa Conversations but not done with Her until she Whispers to 2 Billion Africans Its no secret I'm in love with everything Amazon even though Alexa Conversations shattered my heart in a billion pieces but this love affair ain't over until Alexa talks to 2 billion Africans.

What it does

My Africa Safari Tour Planner helps you plan future Safari Tours and Vacations in Africa. This initial release will be improve to add visual and virtuality in the future.

How I built it

With Alexa Conversations, Amazon S3, JavaScript, Amazon Lambda,

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The competition gave me the opportunity to learn about Alexa and build my first skill - Cloud Computing Dummy -

What's next for My Africa Safari Tour Planner = Alexa & 2 BILLION AFRICANS

To build a world where nature talks and whispers back to 2 billion people Africans about natures gifts and its key to the preservation of humanity using Alexa.

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