Sitting in traffic thinking that it could be reduced by allowing employees to work from home a few days a week.


We did not want to build another app that relied solely on establishing connections between strangers. Work relationships are more likely to be trusted and easier to coordinate for ridesharing.

It leverages the wealth of information already sitting in many HR databases, employees addresses and vehicle information. It creates a 'Company profile' showing how many vehicles is the company responsible for bringing into the city, and how they can reduce the count by :

1) Matching employees that could travel together (with their consent), 2) Allowing more work from home days, 3) Providing info on many employees are willing to ride company provided transportation.

How it works

There are 2 components: ** Web application ** Each company would have a private instance of the web app where they can upload a list of employee directions and vehicles, after import the application does automatic matching, and creates a set of basic statistics, the most important, how many employee vehicles is the company responsible for bringing into the city and how many vehicles they could remove from the roads implementing 3 different strategies.

Also a live dashboard is implemented to show how well or bad a company is doing in traffic reduction.

** Mobile application IOS only** Used by employees to request and coordinate daily rides, when one employee picks up another, a vehicle is reduced from the count, or if an employee decides to take company or public transportation, or works from home.

How I built it

With love,! Grails backend, IOS and HTML and the help Generatron

Challenges I ran into

Implementing messaging between employees some issues with synchronization.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned

What's next for MXT

Gamification, competition between companies, Goverment tax credits for the companies with the best vehicle reduction records.

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