A new reality has come Una nueva realidad ha llegado para quedarse. Gestiona tu experiencia de vida de forma inteligente. Una ciudad viva, inteligente, que te ayudará a conseguirlo, siempre pendiente de ti, siempre a tu servicio. Bienvenido a tu nueva vida. Bienvenido a tu nueva ciudad. MXND.CITY.

MXND.CITY es un app que actúa como un asistente y segundo cerebro, para no solo ayudarte en esta situación de pandemia COVID19, sino de poder interaccionar en una nueva sociedad, adaptada a esta nueva realidad cambiante.

The concept of a smart city being useful, to get a better experience of a city, smarter, security, is obsolete. Nowadays we need a new concept of a smart city. A live smart city, powered by big data and AI algorithms, focusing and empowering citizens in different areas. Security, health information, and social experience. And for business organizations, creating a new digital scenario for growht and sostenible economics.

All this concept, is translated in second brain like companion smart city app for Smart citizens, actual and future.


The MXND.SMARTCITY app of Smart citizen can take information, tasks, and other information, from voice directly. Obviously that is not the only type of interaction, and we have traditional touch type too.

There are different modules and every modules, have things you can do.


MY LIFE: Your life, activity and future for the better experience life.

  • You can input your data profile.
  • You can create different types of groups of users, like family, community, social, circles you want yo control differently.
  • You can say your start and finish live activity. For example Awake, Sleep, Eat, Train, read a book, watch a film.
  • You can create tasks. (low term)
  • You can create needs. (low term)
  • You can create goals. (medium term)
  • You can create dreams. (long term)

This module connect with the rest, and every day is a JOURNEY. The platform control all so you dont worry about nothing. Of you or the persons you control about, family, etc.

All the information is based in not a centralized system, and by design, the information of the user is only owned from it. Based in model. HEALTH: Your health, and the groups you have permission. Dont worry. MXND.SMARTCITY and its AI take care.

  • You can input your data health. COVID19 related too.
  • You can input the data health of persons cant and you have auth. COVID19 related too.
  • We can integrate information from Health data sources Google Health / Apple Health, or any wearable, for example heart rate, sleep, etc.

PSYCHOLOGY: Your psycology and mental state. +You can get recomendations for your psycology state. +View the análisis of your psycology and mental state.

ACTIVITY: Sports activity. Take care of your body. +Say / track your activity. +Get the info from Apple / Google platforms.

  • Get recommendations for Sports Activity. This recommendations always be adapted from COVID19 reality. Taking careo f type of sport, duration, zones, etc.

The goal view and get the best plan for your global health, and get the activity you need to be healthy.


  • Get connected to youe economy and bank account integrated in one place, so we can get you in advice from it. Money is important.


  • We can buy COVID19 material for protection.
  • We can buy foods. +We can search business that sell a product or service you need.

SOCIAL : +We can search people that have a need, near. +We can search groups that have a need. +We can search places that have a need. +We can search business that have a need. +We can search experiences (a pack of places + business + people).


  • Contact tracing. We can know what type of persons, infected or not, we cross, or near. Bluetooth technology. We Will use new API Google / Apple created for this. This is compliant of GDPR. Europe protection data compliant. Decentralized data & architecture. Based in Singapore app,
  • We can know heat map of confluence of people from global contact tracing, and manual, count people systems.
  • We can know places where to take test controls.
  • We can know critital instalation places.
  • We can know how to contact critical services, pólice, health system.
  • We can know information about COVID19 administrative legal terms and rules.
  • We can know data of the pandemia. Dashboard. Nationally, Europe or globally.

MY CITY +You can get news (AI) +You can get social networs summary. (AI)

  • You can get report from state of the city and the people.
  • You can know analysis of tasks / types
  • You can know analysis needs. (low term)
  • You can know analysis goals. (medium term)
  • You can know analysis dreams. (long term)
  • You can know the impact of COVID19 in your city.


We work developing apps, in react native, with apis, and important, graph database to get AI algorithms working correctly. Our expertise is develope software an AI technologies and algorithms, applied in a disrtuptive way.


Create an smart app proactive non intrusive centered in smart citizens, in second brain app concept, and focused in get better life in hard and changing moments, like the future. All powered by AI Algorithms (RL) Get an app and service, to get life companion for people, so can help to interact, with other people, in contactless, and distance society.


I create my own company, in 1999, software development. I create MXND a group of organizations, and create to Alicante.AI a group of specialized people in AI. Actually Alicante AI is member of Spain.AI.


I want work in thing that get a better world. Empower people, not only economics. Vision and values in the future is possible through AI Revolution.


The idea is not only centered in persons, like communities, and hubs. But organizations, to empower economics, and sectors, that needs new tools. Put this project and others, in the same vision, and empower the people in Apps + AI , that sure, in a freedom way, can change the world.

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