Metrobus is one of the Largest Transit Agency that operates in Mexico City with their buses covering almost all the major bustops, routes within the City.

This app is built by leveraging Haversine Equations, SMS, Mexico City GTFS Dataset and Metrobus Time Operation details from Metrobus Transit Agency Website.

Mexico GTFS Dataset Implored could be found below:

Mexico City GTFS Dataset:
Metrobus Time Operation Schedule:
Haversine Equation:

Mx-City Carpoology is an application that lets Mexico City Users to easily Book a seat on Metrobus Transit, Makes Friends,Chat,Send Road Event Reports, embark on both Public and Private Carpooling all powered by SMS and Metrobus GTFS Dataset in Mexico City.

Can I hear Mexico City Government saying that:

1.) Most of traffic in Mexico City is caused by empty Vehicle crowding the road and Rush hours account for a large portion of each day (6-9:30am / 4:30-8:30pm)

2.) Can I see Mexico City creating Hoy No Circula program which restricts driving on a schedule determined by a colored sticker based on a vehicle’s license plate number. All vehicles subject to the program are prevented from driving between 5AM and 10PM one day per week, and some or all Saturdays each month.

3.) Many More issues.

I tell Mexican City Judges that all this are not a problem. With Introduction of Mx City Carpoology, all Mexico City Road traffic, Carbon Emissions, Fuel Wastage etc is now a history.

What I built

An app that Lets Mexico City Users easily:
1.) Access all Route and Bustop application Served by Metrobus Transit Agency in Mexico City
2.) Access the realtime Arrival & Depature Time for Metrobuses at all stations within Mexico City.
3.) Easily Book a Seat on Metrobus Transit from any bustop within Mexico City & can opt any time by clicking on delete button. The app assign each Users who wants to board on transit a Seat numbers based on first come, first Serve.
4.) Easily send an SMS Notification messages whenever a user books a seat from any Bustop station serviced to Metrobus Transit Agency.
5.) Easily send Automatic SMS BRoadcast to Metrobus Transit Agency 30 Minutes before the bus arrival along with detail informations like the total number of people who booked a seat from various Bustops and now waiting for Metrobus at that stations. This will enable Metrobus Agency to know the number of Buses that will be sent to that bustop to compensate to all the booked Seats at each bustop.
6.) Each Users already knows where to seat as the app has already assign each user a seat number during booking.
7.) You can easily know the next person that will be seating beside you, his/her name, Male or Female.
8.) Easily Meet and Chat with New People on Daily basis, Make new Friends, share chat text messages and Photos.

9.) Can easily place a special order with Metrobus Transit via Special Bus Booking or Hiring.
10.) Can easily setup the time and date that you want to carpool with friends, People.
11.) Can easily specified the number of people that will be traveling with You.
12.) Automatic appearance within the Metrobus Calendering system each time a Special Carpooling Order is booked or placed.
13.) Automatic SMS notification alert 1 hour before the actual date and Time you and your friends are to carpool.
14.) An advanced SMS Reports system that enable Mexico City Users to easily send SMS Reports to Metrobus Transit Agency in the event of any issues at various bustop within Mexico City......

How the app works.

The app has 3 major components:

1.) Public Carpooling: This components enable Mexico City users to board on a Public Metrobus Transit and carpool just with the member of the public. To do this, The user just login and can navigate to all the bustop and routes covered by Metrobus Transit. The User choose her routes from her nearest bustop.

For instance a User who is at San Lazaro bustop but wants to travel to Tenayuca will see her route immediately along with information's regarding Metrobus Arrival & Departure time. Because Mexico City Users needs to know how long it will take her to reach her destination. I implored Haversine Equation to calculate the distance between two locations.For example the traveling distance between San Lazaro to Tacubaya can be expressed in Miles, Nautic Miles, Kilometers, Meters, Yards and Feets using mathematical computation of Haversine Formula.

For every Bustop and Routes, the app displays all the Mexico City Users who has already booked Seat that Day and who also like traveling on that route on daily basis. To board on, you have to clicks on Book a Seat.The app will automatically generate a seat number for each user with which she can use to enter the bus when Metrobus arrives. This eliminate any struggles for the seat and the sitting on Metrobus Transit will be based on first come first serve. Upon each seat booking, the app sends an SMS notifications to Metrobus transit Agency to Inform them that a User just booked a seat from any particular Bustop that is being served by Metrobus Agency.

Below is the screen shot of the SMS Messages sent to Metrobus via their Phone No.


To make things easier for Metrobus Transit Agency and Mexico City Users, when it's 30 Minutes to the Metrobus arrival at any stations within the Mexico City. The app will automatically send SMS alert to Metrobus Agency before the actual arrival and departure time of Metro-buses at each stations along with the Information regarding the total number of Passengers who has already booked a seat or the total number of passengers waiting at each bustop. This will enable Metrobus Agency to know the number of Buses that will be sent to that bustop to compensate to all the Mexico City Users waiting at each bustop.

Below is a screen of automatic SMS sent in 30 minutes to Metrobus Agency before their bus Arrives at any stations within Mexico City.


Below is a screen of automatic SMS sent in 30 minutes to Mexico City Users who booked a seat or waiting at any Bustop before bus Arrives at any stations within Mexico City.


This early 30 minutes SMS notifications alerts will help Mexico-City users to quickly round off anything they are doing to be able catch up with the ride at their stations

When Metrobus arrives, there is no need to start rushing the door since each user is already assign a seat number. Every Mexico City User will already know before hand the next person that will be seating besides him/her,whether Male or Female and His or her name. Click on Connect button to connect to anybody on Metrobus Transit, User can be able to send friend request and engage each other via a chat communications with photo sharing options.

2.) Special Carpooling
This components enables Mexico city users to be able to plan special carpoolings with their friends, families,business Partners on special events that does not need public interference. Example of use cases. A.) Planning a Wedding
B.) Carpooling with just friends, families, business partners etc.
C.) School Run etc.

To Use this special components, a User pick her carpooling date and time from the calender, Enter the number of people that will carpool with them and the traveling location.
When a Mexico City User placed a Special Order/Booking,the User appears within the Metrobus Transit Calendering systemb and the app will sends an immediate SMS alert to Metrobus Bus Transit along with the detailed information about the User who placed the booking,no of People traveling with Him/Her, carpooling Time etc.

Below is a Screenshot of the SMS sent to Metrobus Agency on Special Carpooling Booking


This will help Metrobus transit agency in decision making process...
Because Mexico City Users need to be notify before their carpooling date and time, The app was programmed to automatically send SMS alerts to all the Users 1 hour before their carpooling time as can be seen in the screenshot below.

This will enable the user to make proper preparations with her friends and of course your wife,Girl-Friends,Mummy needs time to dress up, fix her fingers nail, lip sticks, courtest, make ups etc..

Metrobus Agency can easily Tract all the users who place a request by clicking on their Chat heads within the calendering system for data visualisations.

3.) Passenger Reports System
This enable Mexico City Users to easily send an sms reports to Metrobus Transit Agency on any issues which may be deemed fit upon road events circumstance.

Search-box enable Mexico City Users to search and connect with friends via names and mobile contacts. communications is via text messages with photo sharing options powered by SMS.


Mexico City GTFS Dataset: Metrobus Time Operation Schedule:

What Next for Metrobus via Mx-City Carpology Apps.

1.) Adding Metrobus Admin Panel to help in advance Management of the system for their Passenger Customers. Building this app on Android, IOS and Windows.

2.) I believe Mexico City Users might also need to how far or close Metrobuses are from each stations.
This is extremely simple. There is no need for Beacon Technology because it has limitations. All We need is just Smart Phone or System that will be placed inside the bus with Internet Connections. Google Map Longitude and Latitude data extraction on timely intervals. This data will be processed using Haversine and Vincety Equations. With the value obtained, Mexico City Users who for example is at Ethiopia bustop could be able to predict:
A.) How Far or Close. Metrobus are from that stations.
B.) Whether if the Metrobus is moving or stationary respect to time.
C.) Metrobus Agency will be able to know where their buses are any time anywhere

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