ER - # The Meal Wheel (mw) This app is designed to generate a random meal based on one's chosen range of meals. The current scope is limited to meals in canteens in NUS, where we found that many students often find it difficult to choose what to eat, given the wide variety of choices. Wheels are categorised by canteens with the respective meal offerings.

Wheel Home

Here is where you load your custom wheel and are able to:

  1. Create another wheel
  2. Spin the wheel
  3. Select another wheel to load

Wheels List

This shows your current collection of wheels. Recall that wheels may be created or imported from your friends.

Clicking on a wheel allows you to:

  1. Load the wheel to spin
  2. Edit selection
  3. Delete the wheel (work in progress)
  4. Share the wheel with your friends (work in progress)

A wheel may also be created with the top right '+' icon here (work in progress).


A display showing the chronological order of your results from spinning the wheel. Note: it is currently a work in progress , thus the static display.

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