My mentor used to gather feedback via pen and paper and understanding the inconvenience of it, we decided to create a program to counter this struggle.

What it does

The program is designed to collect feedback from various MVHacks participants. This data is stored in a database. The information can be accessed at all times which is a great way to track their responses. Once their details have been entered, students can access the feedback form and fill in their answers. After the forms are completed and submitted, the program provides an overview of the participants' experience suggesting how well the competition was conducted.

How I built it

This program was built using python and python modules like PyQt. SQL was also used and sqlite3 was used to connect to the database from the python program.

Challenges I ran into

The problems we ran into were quite minor although we only had a little trouble in bringing our team's individual code together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Retrieving the feedback data from the database along with other information in one line of code, and getting the entire program to function successfully.

What I learned

Cooperation, dedication and the ability to work as a team

What's next for MVHacks Feedback Tracker

Connect our program to MVHacks participants' database and further refine it.

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