Our team, Hackercatz, believes that everyone's life deserves to be as fabulous and dramatic as portrayed in movies, and what better way to do that than to give everyone background music to their lives? Thus, Muzify (pronounced myu-zih-fai) was born.

What it does

Muzify listens to people as they talk in order to determine what emotions they may be feeling. Then, Muzify plays music that matches the atmosphere for the speaker(s) -- providing the perfect background music to any situation!

How we built it

Muzify uses IBM Watson's Speech to Text capabilities to transcribe speech into words, which are then passed into Watson's Tone Analyzer. After using Tone Analyzer to determine the emotion associated with the transcribed words, Muzify uses Spotify's mood playlists to automatically play music from a playlist that corresponds to the determined emotion. We primarily used Python and Javascript to integrate our APIs, as well as NumPy and SciPy.

Challenges we ran into

Spotify's Web API was more difficult to work with than we anticipated. Furthermore, we had to figure out how to get Muzify to constantly listen to us speak while also keeping track of emotions and updating music accordingly, and uploading these .wav files to Watson's Speech to Text service turned out to be much slower than expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was every member's first hackathon project! Also, no one on our team had ever worked with IBM Watson or Spotify's Web API before, yet by working together, we managed to make Muzify happen. We're proud that we made it to Sunday morning alive (kind of)!

What we learned

Hackercatz learned not only a variety of technical skills, from new APIs to git to JavaScript to art, but also the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and how to hack on very little sleep with no caffeine.

What's next for Muzify

Muzify can grow in so many possible ways! Currently, it is primarily an IBM Watson/Spotify product, but if implemented with a device such as the Amazon Echo, which constantly has its mic turned on in households, families and friends will be able to have perfect background music whenever they want. Also, because Spotify only allows previews of songs through its API, Muzify can improve to play entire songs in the future!

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