"What and Where to eat?" have always been one of the million dollar questions that ponder most college students.

What it does

The app will first allow user to select his/her favorite cuisine type, then the app will randomly choose a restaurant nearby and display relevant information about that restaurant.

How we built

We used Android studio to develop the entire app. The restaurant information is pulled from Yelp API whereas the location of the phone is identified by the Google Location API. The result is obtained by using a random generator.

Challenges we ran into

A huge portion of our time was spent to write the java code for calling the Yelp API as well as collecting the correct, relevant information from the Yelp API. Also, there was a steep learning curve for two of our members to learn to code via Android SDK, provided that they didn't have any prior experience in mobile app development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are quite satisfied with the "first/homepage" that we developed from the ground up. Certain degree of material design is employed here. We managed to create background image for each button that changes slightly depending on the user input. Also, we have tried our best to implement one of the most prominent feature in Google's new design principles, that is the card view. All these were achieved by us without much (or close to none) experience in mobile app development.

What we learned

We have learned that app which sounds simple to most of us, requires a lot of hard work and refinement to create an useful, user-friendly app while retaining its elegance and simplicity.

What's next for MUYM (Make Up Your Mind)

We consider to add some filters (such as distance from current location) for users to further refine their selections. Also, we might also allow users to register and log into our app, which allows us to identify frequently visited restaurants so that increase the probability that it would be included into random selection list. Lastly, in order to allow users to have more control over what will be included in the random selection list, we may plan to include feature that allow users to input their "favorite' restaurant into the random generator. Of course, we are also committed to ensure this app adheres to Google's design philosophy of Material Design.

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