The inspiration for this product was motivating kids to practice their homework. When kids practice homework, they tend to go off task and navigate to other websites to play games or engage on social media sites. Perhaps they go off task because they need inspiration to practice. This app will motivate kids to stay on task.

What it does

The client enters inspirational phrases in 3 categories, namely, 3 inspirational phrases from their favorite books, songs, and movies. In addition, they enter two additional pieces of information, 1) how often they would like the inspirational phrase to notify them on their mobile device, either hourly or once per day and 2) if they would like to receive a chime, device vibration, or no indicator.

How we built it

Objective-C, Loopback && MongoDB

Challenges we ran into

Interfacing native-language app to node server which is written in Javascript

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for MuvMe

Built With

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