Being social in real life is hard. And with the background being all quiet it just gets so much harder! But if you're an event arranger, it's hard to know what music people want to hear. And when you go to parties there's always that one guy filling up the spotify-queue with his songs, so your queued song never gets to play! EVERYONE LIKES YOUR SONG BETTER!

With our platform, the problem is solved.

What it does

In simple terms, it's a collaborative play queue for music and videos. You add a song if you want it to play, and the other people can vote for the song they want to hear. The most popular song wins! AKA you win, since your taste in music is obviously amazing.

As people join the app, it looks at their Spotify and select their favorite songs and adds it to the playlist. Meaning that even if you're not involved in adding songs, it will still play songs you like! Just sign in to Spotify from our app, and you're done. #maiximumgains #minimumeffort


  • Automatically add your favorite songs
  • Add song individually (if you want to!)
  • Vote on what order the songs play

How we built it

  • An Android app to make song additions and vote.
  • A web application to play the songs.
  • One NodeJS server to rule them all.

Challenges we ran into

  • Real time communication, with data consistency across devices.
  • No previous knowledge on what we were doing. We learned as we were going!
  • How do we play music

Accomplishments that we're proud of

IT'S ALIVE! It's working as we wanted it to! It's also beautiful.

What we learned

  • Android.
  • JavaScript.
  • React.
  • AWS.
  • Git.
  • Sockets.

What's next for Muuse Alert

We will make it more stable, support multiple play queues, and make it available for the public.

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