COVID-19 has caused economic stress due to the shutdowns of the country causing closures, lay offs, reduced hours, etc. In response to this, someone created a spinoff of a mutual aid project and created a collaborative spreadsheet of what people needed and where link, and people started using this to help each other out. Instead of a simple, single spreadsheet,__ Mutuoso__ is a community mutual aid android app that uses a google maps layout where users can either post their need or volunteer for posts in their specified region.

What it does

Enables users to request help, whether it be buying groceries or simply delivering them, shoveling the driveway to a simple phonecall. Mutuoso is designed to help those in need.

How we built it

The main focus was on getting the requests visible to the users that wanted to help, this was accomplished with the Google Maps API. But before getting that the authentication and sign-up were handled by Fireauth. Keeping track of the requests, and user information was achieved by using Firebase Realtime DB. The entire project was coded using Java and XML were used.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges was that we were extremely ambitious, we had a lot of ideas for features that we wanted to implement. So we really had to identify which ideas were essential for the app to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being a smaller team meant we had to prioritize on certain tasks more than the others. The thing I'm most proud of is that we recognized what needed to be done and understood, collectively, what needed to finished first.

What I learned

That no matter how much you've worked with a particular tech stack there are always going to be intricacies that will show themselves in the most bizarre of circumstances.

What's next for Mutuoso

The next step for Mutuoso is to partner up with local charities and organizations in order to achieve a platform that really looks at the better of the community.

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