WARNING! Some of the cards featured in the game use very offensive language. Proceed at your own risk.

Cards Against Humanity is one of the most popular party games of the last several years. One of the big problems is that after a few plays of each card, they begin to grow stale. Cards Against Humanity have combated this in the past by releasing expansion packs with additional cards. This is great, but only if you have the resources to buy the pack yourself. Several online versions of the game have been developed but all of them allow for play across the internet. While this can be good if you want to play over long distances or with strangers, it is significantly less fun than playing the game in person.

I borrowed the game format from Jackbox Games' "Fibbage" and it is very easy to setup and play. The only requirement is a web browser. A typical game would be played like so: One player connects their computer to a large screen or television and opens up mad.molisani.us/host to host the game. A room code will appear on screen directing other players to open up another device (such as a mobile phone browser, no download required) and head to mad.molisani.us to join the game. Once all players are in, one player clicks start to begin the first round. The Card Czar is presented with a waiting screen while the other players select their cards. The screen updates in realtime as players select their answers, and when all are in the Czar gets a chance to select their favorite. Points are awarded and the players can move on to another round with a brand new card.

This game also has significant room for improvement. Right now, the game only supports black cards that don't require two or three white cards in response. Beyond mimicking the original game there are a whole list of "house rules" that could be implemented (spending a point to redraw hand, swapping black and white cards, etc.). However, the easiest and most exciting improvement is the addition of custom packs. At this point, custom cards can be manually inserted into the game through the back-end, but it would be nice to have a method by which players can create and play their own packs of custom cards.

Cards Against Humanity the game was released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. “Cards Against Humanity” and the CAH logos are trademarks of Cards Against Humanity LLC (and thus are not used in the actual game).

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