During the Coronavirus pandemic, lots of communities have set up "mutual aid" groups, which aim to provide support for those who are struggling during the pandemic, whether this be because they have to self-isolate or

What it does

It enables people to organise their mutual aid group more easily.

How I built it

It's written in React with an Express + CockroachDB backend

Challenges I ran

Some of my HTTP requests when a bit awry and ended up in infinite loops (oops). I also had some trouble getting geolocation queries to work on CockroachDB.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to do some more complex mapping stuff, particularly with rendering LeafletJS maps using React hooks.

What I learned

Be careful with React Hooks – it's easy to make mistakes. Distance formulae and weird, weird SQL queries using lots of maths in a single query (more than I ever thought possible).

What's next for mutual_aid

I'll ask what the people in my local mutual aid group think and hopefully refine it from there.

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