During elections, we get many advertisements on things like "measure c" or "vote for billy bobby". But what means what? Who should we vote for? What should we vote for? We decided to simplify this for us.

What it does

We survey the user with general information about their beliefs. Then we match the user to a person with similar views and a short description about them. We also provide information about measures and how they work.

How we built it

We created an html and javascript based website that surveys the user. We then place all the informations in an array and match it with the candidate's information.

Challenges we ran into

A LOT. First, we struggled with gathering ALL the candidate's information. This is information you can't find online in lists, and we had to compile all of it by ourselves. The second biggest challenge was surveying the reader and placing it in an array.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

EVERYTHING :D but the array compiling was a big one.

What we learned

We learned that asking for mentor's help is a really good idea. They are really really smart!

What's next for Mutatio

Implementing Machine Learning and smoothing out the code. We also want to add more information.

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