The idea was inspired by the convenience of streaming my music library through Google Music and having fun miniature dj parties with friends on So, I thought, why not make an app that does both?

What it does

The app is 'Instagram live' for music. It allows users to stream their music anywhere, anytime. In addition, it will allow you to create a music group/Dj room.

You and the members of the group upload music from your phone music library. The Dj of the group will be able to play the songs of his/her choice and the members of the group are able to comment and like it as they wish. The person that is the DJ will be cycled from person to person.

How I built it

We wanted a mobile app and a web app, so we initially decided to create a progressive webapp that would allow us to use the same codebase to create the web and mobile application. However, we ended up needing to split the web and mobile app due to time constraints. So now we have a web app that can stream music and a WIP mobile app. Laravel with MySQL was used on the backend.

Challenges I ran into

Our initial idea was to develop a webapp (using Laravel and MySQL) & a native mobile app (Android). As we continued to brainstorm, we then came to the conclusion that the development of the apps might be cumbersome to that of using one codebase to provide a solution for both (a progressive web app. Throughout the development of the PWA however, we encountered some challenges that eventually forced us back to our initial idea of separating the mobile from the web app. Due to the late decision to rollback the PWA, the mobile app is still in a work of progress.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the impressive app we have built and will continue to improve upon. We can also boast about the aesthetic design of the web app.

What I learned

We learnt that time is of essence and we can't choose any technology to work with although we might be proficient in it.

What's next for musync:

There will be DJ rooms where you are able to choose songs that a small group of friends will listen to and they have the ability to comment on and like what songs you choose. It's a good social experience since you are interacting with your close friends and it simultaneously allows you to discover new songs without much effort e.g. actively and deliberately looking for songs.

It will have an Explore page. This will be a gradual transition especially as the user base increases over time and more songs are uploaded to the platform.

The next transition is the ability for individuals to buy/sell songs on the platform.

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