Last week microplastics were found in human blood for the first time. We were inspired by how efficient mussels were at tackling the problem.

What it does

Mussels naturally are great at filtering out microplastics. Small bots will facilitate transportation of muscles along concentrations of microplastiscs, which allows for quick and efficient filtration.

How we built it

We performed extensive project analysis by considering its feasibility in marketing, supply chain, engineering, and finance fields

Challenges we ran into

We attempted to simulate the autonomous navigation of the bot. However, not being familiar with aquarobotic packages it was extremely difficult to set up the model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Unique creative bio-inspired design, supported by careful engineering analysis and 3d visuals.

What we learned

We experienced the concept of project design and learned a lot about mussels and their potential impact on the marine ecosystem.

What's next for Natural filtration

Large scale "swarm" style bot development. Increasing the range and autonomous abilities of the bots to target mid oceans.

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