Everyday, in this age of distractions, we have so many things to do and to think about. We got too caught up in our busy lives that sometimes we neglect the prayers, forget to worship Allah.

The anNour team has been striving to bring these exciting opportunities to help make an impact on our community. Our project focuses on helping Muslims in the remembrance of Allah and the prayers, including Allah in our daily life, and earning Hasanat (goodness).

For this reason, we developed this application, with the intention of helping Muslims to be more productive without forgetting the worship that should be carried out and helping them to build good habits in their daily lives. Like a guiding light, anNour aim to help Muslim to keep their track in the right path, to be closer to Allah.

What it does

anNour helps reminding you to pray and worship Allah while you focus on your work, develop a habit and track your progress, giving out new Ayah and Hadith for you everyday, and help your self be better through watching the lecture and reflection videos that fit to your topics of interest.

How we built it

The design is created using Figma, from the wireframe to the working prototype. And in the implementation, we use a prayer time API, hijri calendar API, quran API in our app.

Challenges, Accomplishments, and the Lessons

While it is challenging to collaborate while working across different time zones, we had fun discussing our project, discussing about Islam, and have random things to talk about. What we have learned from our individual experiences is entirely different from our team members. A teamwork maximizes shared knowledge and helps you learn new skills you can use for the rest of your career. We learned to be more organized with the work, being more patient with others, and that communication is a key part of teamwork. We faced problems in trying out ReactJS as our frontend framework, so we decided to switched the tech stack that we use. Then in the last couples of days, we had our personal things to do, so the progress get slower. We haven't finished our implementation, but we managed to finished the prototype Alhamdulillah. It was such an amazing experience working together to find solutions for the Ummah.

What's next for anNour

Besides finishing the implementation of our app, we really like to have it built for mobile too, so it will be easier and convenient for us to use the app. Also, we could integrate with Youtube API, and add a logic to categorize it into the topics so the videos collection could be automatically updated. For the community features, further we could create a chat feature so the user can connect to the others and also contact Muslim psychologists that would like to give an online session to those who needed.

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