The inspiration for Musinex derived from the lack of use of the social opportunities music brings. We at Musinex, aim to connect teenagers (and in the future all age groups) through music by them registering onto our platform and having them input their musical interests and from there on we match them with other teenagers who have the same music interests so their is common ground for them to start conversing and developing relationships. We had two really great programmers who helped develop our website and the languages that were used were: HTML, CSS and Javascript, there was also use of the MeteorJS framework for faster web development and the Spotify API for user login so we can get their music data and lastly we used data scraping of the website SongKick for concert information. For future development, we will also have an app and due to the Ionic App Framework, we can use most of the code that we used for the website to create an app for both Android and iOS because it uses the same languages and frameworks.

Problems we ran into were caused by bad research at the beginning, because after development on the idea and prototype, we had found out there was another platform called which had a really similar idea and they had a fairly good active user base. To overcome this, we decided to make our platform open to ages 13+ because they only allow users over the age of 18.This is due to there site focusing on dating whereas ours is more for socialising and expanding our users social circles. We also have the group event gathering on our platform where people can join a group about a musical event and then can socialise within the group and then possibly meet up to attend the event together. This leads to a online social circle becoming a offline friendship between people of similar interests. We are proud of our ability to overcome the issues of finding a competitor to our service and staying confident in our idea and finding ways to be better which we believe we have done.

** We have learnt a lot during this hackathon, more than we where truly able to process. **

In the future, we hope to expand Musinex and make our platform much vaster and reach a global audience. We also want to make a mobile app which will run on all platforms make our platform more accessible to any user on any device

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