The web application was made for music lovers by music lovers. Our whole team has a passion for music, each in different ways and once we started discussing the idea, we found that we all had various experiences that could have been solved using this project.

What it does

Our app connects to a host's Spotify account and lets users in that 'MusicSpace' provide feedback on the music being playing. This is meant to be in any environment, from a house party to your favorite cafe. By providing a general feedback regarding specific songs or genres, we allow the vibe of a MusicSpace to change without it being directly influenced by users song choices. This lets our users discover new music they might not find otherwise.

How we built it

We built it us using a Flask webapp and a static webpage, with periodic API calls to the host's Spotify account.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into quite a few challenges. The first was setting up OAuth2 for the Spotify API. Another was integrating all the parts together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For most of the team, this was their first hackathon and everyone on the team used a language they hadn't used before. As such, it was a great learning experience for all of us. We're especially proud that we got a working front end going from two teammates who've never done that before and we got OAuth2 to (mostly) work.

What we learned

We all learned new languages and new problem solving techniques that we're sure to use at our next hackathon!

What's next for MusicSpace

We hope to resolve some of the issues we faced this weekend and make our project more complete. After that, we have many plans about how to grow MusicSpace, come talk to us during presentation time to learn all about it!

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