Why MusicShift?

When you listen to music, it belongs to you & your friends. We want to make sure you feel that way about every song. Switching aux cords, settling for lackluster playlists, or attempting to plan a playlist in advance doesn't let that happen. Through MusicShift, we make sure that the best playlist is also the most spontaneous.

What is it?

MusicShift is a plug-and-play, ever-evolving collaborative playlist in a box. Just plug in an aux cord, share a QR code with your friends, and let the best music start playing.

MusicShift lets you collaborate on your playlists. You can add songs to your playlist, and even upvote songs that others have added so the more popular songs are played sooner. There is no limit to the songs you can search, and no limit to the number of people who can collaborate on a single playlist through real time multi-user sync.

Playlists can have different purposes too. MusicShift is fun enough to be the music player during a carpool, and sophisticated enough to supply the music in public parks and restaurants. There's no need to worry about how your party's playlist fares when everyone is working together to pick the music.

How it works

MusicShift is made up of three parts: a hardware device, a progressive web app, and a database backend. The hardware device is a Raspberry Pi 2 which polls the backend (MongoDB database of tracks & votes used to generate rankings / play order) for the next Spotify song to play. Using Spotify’s Python bindings & taking advantage of its predictable caching locations, we intercept the downloaded streams and live route them to the aux output.

Meanwhile, our progressive web app built using Polymer offers a live view into the playlist - what’s playing, what’s next, the ability to upvote/downvote songs to have them play sooner or later, and of course skip functionality (optional, configurable by the playlist creator). It loads instantly on users’ devices and presents itself as a like-native app (addable to the user lockscreen).

What's next?

Here's a look at the future of MusicShift:

  • User authentication, so you have complete control over your playlists
  • Playlist uploads through Spotify integration
  • Establish private and public streams for different settings and venues
  • NFC or Bluetooth beacon with MusicShift for easier connection
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