We think it would be interesting to explore Spotify's database, as well as gather data on what songs people do in an area

What it does

Authenticates with spotify searches spotify's database for music and is able to play

authenticates with google for Firebase, updates the database on on what user is currently playing.

Have a fragment to display nearby users and what other users are listening to, currently nearby fragment is broken because of firebase instance not initialized properly

How we built it

Android/Java/Firebase/Spotify Web API

Challenges we ran in

Getting Firebase instance in a fragment when users are authenticated/using spotify API for our purpose as it is very limited/Using Geofire api.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to play songs from spotify, are really close to having a useful app that allows other people to see what others are listening to and gathering data in Firebase.

What we learned

Android dev experience, new API's,

What's next for Nearby Music

finish and throw on app store

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