Have a song in your heart and a tune on the tip of your tongue... ! Make a fun app to enhance the creativity, play around and generate music using Machine Learning.

What it does

  • Generate short & fun music clips based on your key selection.
  • Currently genre selection is - Classic, Pop, Hip-Hop & Electro
  • Feeding the network musical data in ABC notation, it generates a sequence character-by-character, whose output is a musical composition in ABC notation. This output is fed into an ABC-to-MIDI converter to produce an audible music file.

How I built it

Pytorch + FastAI + Android Neural network in PyTorch using LSTM layers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Generated music through sequential generation of characters from a recurrent neural network.
  • Network consisted of LSTM layers for learning information about song structure, musical measures.
  • Deploy a pytorch model on android

What's next for Musiclii

  • Sharing
  • Currently it is free to use for a 20sec generated music.
  • Improve the ML model, for users to select custom time length.
  • Further customize generated music with recorded user audio input like "This is fun", "Cool" etc.

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