Some experts suggested that one can sing 'Happy Birthday' twice while washing hands for 30s. Singing 'happy birthday daily altleast 10 times a day was really tiring, hence here is a small renovation.

What it does🤔

Some experts suggested that one can sing 'Happy Birthday' twice while washing hands for 30s. Want to Get Beyond 'Happy Birthday'? This tool will turn any Song into your handwashing jingle. From kids to grannies, this tool serves everyone everything from rhymes to hymns. Directions: Print and stick your jingle near washbasin. Use soap and water, and wash hands for at least 40-60 seconds (As per:WHO)

How we built it👩🏻‍💻

The web app is built on Django, a python framework. Apart from all the miscellaneous backend activities, there is a script written in python which uses Pillow library and musicmatch API. For unicodes decoding, it uses library called raqm. In short, user sends the query which request the Django App which further requests musixmatch API, the response, in the form of lyrics, is then send to Django App and finally it is edited on the template picture.This response in the form of '.png' file is sent to the user.

Challenges we ran into🤯

Decoding the unicodes was the most difficult task for me. There were lot of fixes in the installation and usage. The solution was not readily available.

Accomplishments that we're proud of🤩

1)It reached 300+ active users. 2)It is available in English and Hindi 3) Easily downloadable poster. 4) UI is very simple and user friendly 5) The solution is real time, as all the images are stored on cloud

What we learned😇

I learned about using Pillow - Python Imaging Library is a free library for the Python programming language that adds support for opening, manipulating, and saving many different image file formats. I extended my knowledge of using Rest API's in Django.

What's next for musiclean🛠

I am working on an app, which will use the same concept and output will be in the form of sound. Basically it will be a video output, where display will be all the handwashing steps and sound will be your own chosen song-track.

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