At first we had the idea to live stream the creation of a song like twitch does for gaming but after talking with Brad he suggested we try to make a site where users from around the world can collaborate and create a song from across the internet.

What it does

Our site allows a user to select one of our categories of music and view all the stem requests, listen to posted stems with our embedded music player and download the stems they like and would like to collaborate on.

How I built it

We built this website using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and JQuery

Challenges I ran into

Ideally what we wanted to do was create two databases, one for user information so other users can log into the site and have their own page consisting of their posted stem files and collaborations. The other database would consist of all stem files posted that could be sorted by category on demand. While this would be ideal and was part of our vision we do not know how to make databases. Most of us are taking a class to learn this now but it is too early in the semester to be able to do what we wanted.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have to say my team and I are really proud of the whole project. Although we are studying computer science together we have never really created anything for a user. Our projects mainly consist of writing code and running it in a terminal so to be able to successfully create an application that real life users can use is incredible. Coming in we did not think we would even be able to create a somewhat finished product and actually planned to come Friday and see what a hackathon is really about and discover what we needed to learn for the next one. However, we decided to stick it out, run with the idea and we were able to create something we are really proud of.

What I learned

This weekend we taught ourselves HTML CSS Javascript and how to use Bootstrap. We also learned how difficult it is to set up a database.

What's next for MusicHub

If Sony likes our idea we will take more time and learn how to implement the databases we wanted to.

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