What if you could turn your home into a jazz bar?

MusicBot is an AI musician for Alexa that can compose music based on what you command! And, just like in a real live music bar... you can buy the virtual musician a virtual drink!

Here's how it works. Say: Open Music Bot and compose Jazz in A minor.

If you like the music, buy a drink for the virtual musician!

You don't have to buy a drink... if you don't, the Upsell is all about how buying drinks helps support virtual musicians! So, be a good patron at this jazz bar. Please buy a drink!

Usually, you just get a random drink made by the virtual bartender. Sometimes though you might get lucky to hear something live from - the next level up from our always-there AI musician - a virtual being performer!

A quick aside on virtual beings... Inspired by the Time Magazine Top influencer: lilmiquela, I've been experimenting with creating virtual beings - digital influencers who interact with you online in realistic ways. Though... Rowan Fake, the Instagram athleisure model who started out wearing Amazon Basic apparel, is by far the more famous one.

And this is exactly why I'm trying to promote on Music Bot the up and coming May Surreal - a young virtual being pianist with her own Soundcloud count. She randomly shows up in Music Bot when people buy the always-there musician a drink.

Music Bot is your go to live musician who can compose for you whatever song you feel like you need!

You know those times at home when you realize that your kitchen is a mess and the only way you can clean it is if you set yourself off in RPG land on a quest? You can also ask Music Bot to compose questing music.

MusicBot is powered by Aiva, the AI that autonomously composed emotional music for the Keynote at NVIDIA GTC 2017.

So, you can also ask Music Bot to "compose fantasy music" and a whole bunch more!

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