Match while listening to music out of the blue

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Getting Started

$ git clone
$ npm install -g firebase-tools
$ firebase login
$ firebase use --add
$ firebase serve



We listen music all the time, such as taking train, working out and even while we are walking on the street. We believe that music can bring not only happiness but also get people’s relationship closer.

What our project is about?

Our project is to bring people closer to each other in an interesting way.

What’s special about our project?

Instead of requiring users to search for people with the same interests, we do this task for the users. Apart from having users manually type up your interest, users are able to make friends by just listening to their list of music!

Why our project matters?

This application brings a new century to music lovers! You will have the opportunity to connect to passionate fellows from all over the world with the same music taste or obsession with specific songs! Get in touch and meet new friends!

Process/how we built our project:

There are several processes on building our project. First of all, we discuss in group about choosing a proper topic and make sure all team members can use their strength and work on the project. Second, we seperate in three small groups, UI/UX, backend, and mobile app. Third, we round up the project and present each other’s process on the project then submit our project online.


  • Connect our project to all major music platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, and Pandora using login APIs.
  • User can use our app to listen to music any time any where!
  • App has the ability to match user with other user who shares the same music preferences.
  • If matched, user can record a message for short amount of time to talk to each other.
  • Then if both users are matched again, then they can schedule a date to hangout!
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