What it does

Takes a picture of your face and builds a playlist in Spotify based on the emotion you're expressing in the photo with facial recognition from Microsoft's Azure Suite of Face API.

How we built it

Microsoft Azure Face API, Spotify API, & React We combined Microsoft Azure's Face API, Spotify's API, and React to create a sleek looking website to also be able to still do what we wanted and needed it to do. First Matt Taylor and Jai Jethani worked on the Azure API as Natalie Whitehead started work on the front end with React. Next, Taylor and Jethani worked on the Spotify API to work with the Azure API. Whitehead then combined both in React.

Challenges we ran into

Properly integrating Azure and Spotify together, and then combining it with the front end (React).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Trying two APIs that we've never used before and getting them to function!

What we learned

How to integrate Microsoft Azure API and Spotify API, as well as how to use React and VSCode.

What's next for Musicat

Cleaning up the website more, optimizing our code, and general bug fixes.

Built With

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