Are you an upperclassmen? Did you finally get that single dorm you've always wanted? Are you suddenly worried that your someone may try to "borrow" things from your room without your permission? Do you like music? Do you like bluetooth speakers? Is this too many questions?



The world's first bluetooth speaker turned surveillance camera! Equipped with a huge spectrum analyzer, MusiCAM's dock contains a _ hidden _ web camera that allows user's to view a live stream of their dorm from anywhere.


This was a combination of cool things I wanted to build. I originally wanted to build a bluetooth speaker, spectrum analyzer, and surveillance camera separately. BUT WHY NOT SMUSH THEM TOGETHER??!!

What it does

Spectrum analyzer that visualizes music and hides a picamera that streams live video to the internet. The ideal design allows for a detachable speaker and confi

How I built it

I used a Raspberry Pi 3, Picamera, Sparkfun Redboard + spectrum analyzer shield, blood, sweat, and tears

Challenges I ran into

WIRELESS I spent most of my time setting up a fully headless Raspi workspace. The pi is fully configured with Static IPs for both Ethernet and WLAN connections and will stream video to a server accessible to any device on the samenetwork. This took quite some time to setup as the network setting out of the box for Raspi are not very good (I also had no idea what I was doing)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am extremely proud of the headless setup. I was able to fully configure and program the pi without the use of desktop setup. I used ssh, VNC, and practically magic to set up the pi so that I can connect to it merely using the hotspot on my phone. A huge step forward in making this a practical product!

What I learned

Having never really used a raspberry pi for anything, I learned so much about it's capabilities, setup, and practical uses. I learned about rpi ssh, vnc servers, flashing images, and many other cool raspi things

What's next for MusiCAM

  • Motion tracking notification feature that sends a text or email when a person is detected.
  • Streaming to a private web address, accessible from anywhere
  • Custom built, detachable bluetooth speaker

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