What it does

Musical Minds provides individualized music therapy options for elders with Alzheimer's and dementia. Alzheimer's and dementia patients are often treated with anti-psychotic drugs that diminish their ability to recover. Music therapy allows them to connect emotions to songs, thus strengthening existing neural synapses. Our tech uses EEG sensors, song metadata such as genre, tempo, time period, etc., and our own machine learning abstraction to provide music playback tailored to eliciting strong neural responses from these elders.

How we built it

We used an Android app as our front-end which connects to the Spotify SDK for music playback and the Neurosky MindWave Mobile SDK for EEG analysis. Our back-end is node.js that performs all third-party API calls, and we use Azure for SQL database storage, back-end hosting, and our machine learning platform.

Challenges we ran into

Instantiating AzureML as a web service and defining the structure of the learning process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting all of the components to work together.

What we learned

A lot about cloud development through node.js, Azure SQL database, and AzureML

What's next for Musical Minds

Starting to branch out into different forms of music therapy

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