musimap connects songs and artists with moods and adjectives. So we attempt to read your soul by analyzing what music you listen to. Other inspirations are horoscopes.

What it does

Alexa asks you questions about your music taste and tells you who you are and what you should do, like a horoscope... and as a bonus it reads out some news related to your favorite artist from the Axel Springer API

How we built it

We added a skill to Alexa and connected the skill to a python script that communicates with the musimap and Spotify APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Speech recognition is still in its infancy. Language is an issue with Alexa, how would she know which language to use when you name German and English speaking artists alike? We need an API with a proper fuzzy search for artists and tracks across languages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

it works! It's hilarious :-)

What we learned

how to build Alexa skills.

What's next for Musical Healing

healing the masses

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