The idea for "Musical-Application" struck me while I was using WhatsAap application. I wanted message to not only deliver but person to see the emotion behind it. And "Musical-Chat" is the answer!.

What it does, It's a normal chat application. But if you want to send a message in musical way then you can type few words from lyrics and It will send a Musical-Text! And Will play a song in other person phone.

How I built it, with the help of Algolia, I am managing typos in user inputs, Firestore to store mp3 files (Currently has about 10 mp3s). Plus used Xcode and Swift.

Challenges I ran into: Couldn't create basic chat application using firebase, storing chat in database and retrieving chat had delayed. Other challenge is that there is no data set available for the kind of data I needed. So I have to create my own database. Somehow I managed to work this application out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - At the end, I was able to create what I wanted to create and will demo.

What I learned - I learned how I can use Algolia APIs and Work with audio in iOS Development.

What's next for Musical-Chat

Two ways from here: Either I can create a chatbot which provides "Musical-Text" service Or Build a full scale mobile application which does Musical-Text. I would prefer Building full scale so I can integrate with many cool features.

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