With the nationwide conversations about equity and equality, we’ve noticed a gaping hole in the tools available for those hard of hearing. Our quality of life has been greatly improved with being able to enjoy music wherever and whenever we want. With Musica, we seek to create a visual representation of songs based on its audio features for all to enjoy.

What it does

This website utilizes the Spotify API to track what a listener is currently listening to. From this data, we then analyze the song’s danceability value (a combo of tempo, rhythm stability, and beat strength) and assign it to an image that matches the value.

How we built it

For this project, our techstack included the Spotify API,, VSCode, HTML, CSS, Python, and Github.

What's next for Musica

We want to expand the audio features that Musica is responsive to, like vocals, volume, and BPM! Using these other audio features provided by the Spotify API, we hope to be able to create a computer generated image that is unique for each song.Musica creates an environment where music is enjoyable for all. Thank you to HobbyHacks for hosting this competition and we hope you look forward to using Musica in the future!

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