Looking for an entertainment system for our upcoming apartment, we decided to develop proper lights and music configuration.

What it does

The neopixel lights are lit up according to the beat of the music. This audio from a speaker is read in via microphone and then is transformed into a light sequence depending on the change in loudness of the audio.

How we built it

Using an arduino mega, microphone, touch screen, and other electrical components, we were able to develop a home system. Using many different applications to assist us in the process, we brainstormed and developed ways to wire the board that were efficient. A touch screen was wired up to the lights and arduino for future applications which we spent lots of time on but were unable implement. Future apps on the touch screen include weather, bus routes, and light control. All of these were researched heavily but each had its own set of challenges.

Challenges we ran into

Wiring the board was one of the most challenging parts. It was a process of trial and error since it is tough to get help off the internet since everyone has different setups. We also spent a great deal of time working to create an aux port to connect music. However due to coding challenges it was not accomplished.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is a working music visualizer and will be put to good use in our apartment.

What we learned

We have learned a lot about converting audio to physical lights. Also we learned a lot about touch screen gui, because we dedicated lots of time to this part of the project.

What's next for Music Visualizer

The music visualizer will read weather, bus routes, and have the ability to change lighting styles via touch screen.

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