I have always loved music, realistic every one of us do! There are many styles and memories.

What it does

So I was thinking in a way to introduce virtual reality in to the music industry! And I came up with the idea of streaming live concerts so fans can be a part of a concert using their virtual reality tools. This concept has not been introduced or tested yet! But to inicia-te the concept I would like to use AR and develop different words so users can plug in the app of their choose with it and have the option to make videos or take pictures using the background of their choice, save and share where ever they want but maintaining the music industries compliance’s to not be infringed. Music videos can be streamed and sold on the application. And many other ways to generate revenue

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

What is getting difficult to get around is to have a serve that will maintain the amount of live streams in to either a game console or computer, or even cellphones for instance. And figure out how and if the 360 cameras will have the capacity to stream live and instant change in to 3D for virtual reality. And the main important part of the project is funding and sponsorships. I can’t not do it all I need help Of professionals to make this app work. It will be revolutionary and give a twist on things and the generation ahead to come! If it’s build in an open source we can provide the experience to other developers around the world and to assist in collaboration to build such an amazing application that will be entertaining and remarkable

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have contact several music producers and everyone I have mentioned this idea to has light up instant and they are supper pumped to see the concept! I have contacted 3D studios and they are on board for what ever I need in terms of assistance.

What I learned

It won’t be an easy task it will involve a collaboration of many other developers to make this work.

What's next for Music Visualization App

The next step is: to prove the concept. Test it Introduce to the music industry Gather collaboration and funding for the project.

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