I like listening to music in the shower, but I almost always spend way too long in there. So this was a way to solve the problem.

What it does

By inputting a timer, the app will start playing from a playlist that lasts about as long as the time entered.

Challenges I ran into

I encountered a challenge when I tried to access the media files. With android API 23 or over, to gain permission for various things in android, you need to implement a complicated confirmation process with the user. This took me a long time to work out, even with the help of some mentors. The next challenge was getting the music to play because I found over-complicated tutorials online. The correct way of implementing it took me 2 minutes... Finally, if I got around to the actual interesting part of the project, that would have been challenging :P

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I successfully made a decently looking numpad. I also made a good looking countdown timer that can play and pause with the music.

What I learned

This was my first hackathon and my second android project. I learn more about object oriented programming, and working with the MediaPlayer in Android. Overall I became more familiarized with Android. I think I've also learned to do hackathons with at least one partner as a beginner, it was hard working on it by myself!

What's next for Mix

  • Cool circle animation for the countdown
  • Smarter algorithm for finding songs that fit with the time constraints
  • Save playlists and save certain times
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