We all love music, and we each believe that music is a powerful tool that can change feelings and improve mental well-being. We wanted to use music to break barriers of language and to create a widely accessible form of emotional support.

We learned about the importance of teamwork and group cooperation and if people didn't contribute enough, the whole project would fall apart. We learned the importance of time-management and how meeting deadlines is essential in order to complete the final product.

Although we did not face many challenges, we had an imbalance of work distribution, thus causing frustration regarding deadlines.

We built our first drafts were made out of Python to make the basic functions. We then switched the platform to HTML because it included more features such as formatting.

Music is an underrated and underappreciated tool. We hope that we can share the power of music through our music therapy website!

Thank you!

We are doing this in the Beginner Selection. Our Team Name: Music Therapy Our names: Anna Kim, Anyi Sharma, Emily Park, Grace Yoon, Helena Zhang Our Discord usernames: skigirl321, moths or butterflies, emily_park, grace_yoon_BPN, helena_zhang

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