Alex is a millennial who is suffering from depression and anxiety due to his poor performance in LSATs. On his way back home he comes across our app MusicTherapy. He uses music as a escape strategy to feel relieved and happy. This would be helpful for young students and also give them a way to be surrounded by positive ambience.

What it does

It helps the stakeholders or victims to select songs depending upon their mood and use it as a healing therapy through our app and mixed reality headset. It creates visual abstracts and patterns that are synchronized with the beat of the music being played. This would later help us to create synesthesia with color and human sense.

How I built it.

I used unity and C# to create 3D geometry shapes

Challenges I ran into

Shade Grapher, rotation and Camera movements

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to develop a basic version of my vision from scratch.

What I learned

Patience and what it takes to be a designer

What's next for Music Therapy

1) Allowing user to create visual abstraction through joysticks on a open spaced environment in mixed reality headsets. 2) Emit colors from their hand gestures.

Built With

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