I've had an interest in music theory for many years. I have a bit of experience playing a few instruments. I've enjoyed listening to music and learning about music notation.

What it does

This skill will provide random facts about music theory including notation and instruments. Related images are displayed using APL for devices with screen.

How I built it

I gathered some facts for the skill and found or created images that related to the facts. (Some of the images were my own original creation and other images were royalty-free images that I found on a website.)

Challenges I ran into

Although I've used APL in other skills, my techniques were a bit rusty. I used some old code that I thought worked. In turned out to not work as expected. It took some effort to get the results that I wanted.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad that I persisted long enough to get the results that I wanted.

What I learned

I now understand how to use APL better.

What's next for Music Theory Facts

I'd like to continue adding facts to the skill.

Built With

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