lack of entertainment inspired us to make something which may be beneficial for the society and also would be entertaining. By using the device, user can enhance its piano skills

What it does

MusicSpeaks is kind of a mini piano through which different types of musical sounds can be generated by clicking buttons and audio frequency can be adjusted by tilting left to right as it has tilt sensor in it. It is cheap and good source of entertainment for the quarantine period

How I built it

We did 3D modeling to design the outer part which has holes in it for buttons and for thumb grip. The programming part of the arduino UFO was not that difficult, where we added some buttons, speaker, tilt sensor, some resistors to control the flow of current and battery. The website for the hack was made through bootstrap.

Challenges I ran into

All the teammates belonged to different time zones so, it was difficult to work at the same time but we divided amount of task and worked accordingly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was my first time working on 3D model and a hardware hack. I got to know about arduino, its working and also how can it impact our life in a positive way and also it game me tonnes of ideas that can be helpful in future hackathons.

What I learned

I got to learn about arduino, 3D modeling and using hardware for hackathons. I felt glad that I got to know more about cultures of the countries from where my teammates belonged to and also they got to know more about my country and culture too.

What's next for Music Speak

We plan to make a platform through which different users can connect and play tones and music together and would give users Musical notes to play different tones. We would be also bringing the tutorial videos for the users and for intermediate users so that they could enhance their skills.

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