We all love music, but even with all the great services out there, there is no really good way to find new music. Sure, you can always just stick to the same playlist you listen to every morning on your way to class or work. Or you can try one of the services' radios, even though you know you'll always somehow end up at Taylor Swift. Maybe you can even see what your friends are currently listening, but that's not very helpful when you are working on a Friday night and everyone is out partying.

What if you could see what the people around you listen to while commuting to work? Or studying at the library on a weekend? Or even, say, the best hack tunes from the best hackers at CalHacks 2.0 #backtothehacks

This is what we try to solve with Music Radar: see what the people around you are listening to. Simply connect with your Spotify account and see what the people around you are listening to. Built with Spotify, Here and running on Microsoft Azure, Music Radar is here to catch you up with the best music for your day-to-day activities.

How I built it

We run a Mongo database that keeps track to the music people are listening to with our NodeJS and ExpressJS applications (don't worry, we don't keep track of identities so no need to worry about everyone knowing you hack to One Direction).

We also developed the Android app using the HERE API to add maps and your current location within a reasonable longitude and latitude, and the Spotify SDK for the streaming integration - everything from validation, to reading your listening habits and changing your music.

Challenges I ran into

WIP Can only control user's stream from the Android SDK. Spotify says they're woking on a safe feature for the Web API as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got a Here homepage that shows the map around you. Got Spotify integration including validation and control over your music. Got a REST API on the back end running well.

What I learned

Pretty much all the code we wrote

Built With

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