Just wanted a simple music playing app with basic features Actually had an idea of making a media player which can support most of the video and audio files. t

How it works

A All-in-all media player thats what i had planned to but it didnt turn up in working condition

Challenges I ran into

Null pointer error. Theme problems for new Android Lollipop sdk. Still havent added video playing capability. then have to make the media player to run hd videos with out lag on mobiles.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made my first working project The mistakes and the way i was trying to solve it. I realised my lack of knowledge

What I learned

Never give up. How to use google in a smarter way. Using api's to make apps easily. Learned to make an android app while simultaneously learning it.

What's next for Music Player

Bud fixing. Compatibility for Android. Might convert it to an hybrid app

Built With

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